What is BUD?

BUD is a list of places in your area offering food, drink and more.
It shows you which ones are actually open RIGHT NOW!

To see how to use BUD, read on. For other questions, tap HERE to read our FAQ page.

How to use BUD:

Narrow down your search by removing categories:

 Tap this icon to turn the beer & alcohol display on and off.
 Tap this icon to hide or show restaurants and other food sellers.
This one shows music, plays, films, quiz nights and other events.
This icon displays places of interest.
And this shows services, such as banks, doctors, mechanics, etc.
This one shows places to shop.
And this shows places to stay, such as B&Bs and hotels.

Tap on a thumbnail to open the info window, including icons representing this location's features.

Press the More Info button to get full details, or tap the thumbnail again to close the info window.


Show a smaller or larger range of times.
Use the arrow icons to view earlier or later times.

The clock means BUD is showing the current time. It turns off if you use the arrow icons. Press it to reset to the current time.

Click on the calendar icon to jump to a specific date.
Tap this icon to see more info about your BUD region, including businesses which aren't currently open.
Configure BUD to your requirements.
Use the BUD globe to change location.
Use this icon to return to this help screen.

You're now ready to use BUD!

If you'd like more details about BUD, tap HERE to read our FAQ page.